The Clover Conundrum: Understanding the Surge in Expensive Point of Sale Systems

The Clover Conundrum: Understanding the Surge in Expensive Point of Sale Systems

Authored by Christopher Austin, President of Ardiah Managed Services

Hello, astute business minds and curious entrepreneurs! Today, I’m delving into a topic that has piqued the interest of many – the proliferation of expensive point of sale systems (POS), like Clover POS, often coexisting alongside the primary POS that offers similar functionalities. As the President of Ardiah Managed Services, I’m here to unravel the story behind this trend and shed light on the rationale driving businesses towards these choices.

The Simple Answer: Banks and Profit

You might have observed businesses adopting pricey Clover POS systems, often prompted by their local banks. The question arises: Why? The answer is deceptively simple – banks are capitalizing on terminal sales like Clover to bolster their profits. However, there’s more to this narrative than meets the eye.

The Allure of Clover: A Closer Look

Clover POS systems have become enticing options for businesses due to the sales pitch provided by banks. With claims of savings and enhanced functionalities, these systems have been positioned as the go-to solution. But as businesses delve deeper, they find themselves questioning whether Clover is genuinely tailored to their needs.

The Stark Reality: Costs and Limitations

What many businesses fail to realize initially are the hidden costs associated with Clover. Banks are charging anywhere from $800 to a staggering $3500 per station for these units, often employing leasing plans or other methods to extract more money. On top of that, businesses are shelling out monthly software costs starting at $40+, which can escalate further. Moreover, banks’ claims of savings often fall flat due to the overinflated interchange rates, leaving customers paying more than ever before.

The Ardiah Approach: Suitability, Service, and Fair Pricing

At Ardiah Managed Services, our perspective on POS systems is different. While the Clover system itself isn’t inherently flawed, it lacks the industry-specific tools and design that many businesses require. We work closely with multiple processors, allowing us to save businesses money and integrate seamlessly with their existing systems or offer viable upgrades.

Our focus is on suitability, service, and fair pricing. Unlike banks that prioritize sales to maximize their earnings, our approach is centered around enhancing your business’s efficiency, minimizing costs, and providing the support you truly need.

The Changing Landscape: The Need for Integration

As industries evolve, so do the requirements of businesses. Today, third-party integrations are mission-critical for many enterprises, and this plays a pivotal role in their decision-making process. The one-size-fits-all model no longer holds, and businesses are seeking tailored solutions that align precisely with their needs.

The Ardiah Advantage: Unleashing Value

We understand that each business is unique. That’s why, at Ardiah Managed Services, we offer a spectrum of options, from affordable placements to software costs that are significantly lower than the industry norm or what businesses might experience with Clover.

Choose Wisely, Choose Ardiah Managed Services

In a world where options abound, your business deserves a partner who’s genuinely invested in your success. At Ardiah, we are dedicated to offering you solutions that aren’t just technologically advanced but also customized to your industry’s demands.

Don’t let the allure of expensive systems deter you from making the right choice. Connect with Ardiah Managed Services and experience the power of tailored solutions, exemplary service, and fair pricing that places your business at the forefront of progress.

Warm regards,

Christopher Austin 


Ardiah Managed Services



We trust this blog post has provided you with a comprehensive understanding of the trends surrounding expensive Clover Point of Sale systems and the rationale driving businesses towards them. At Ardiah Managed Services, our mission is to guide you through the complexities of technology, ensuring you make decisions that are truly aligned with your business needs and goals. Connect with us today to explore the wealth of possibilities that can transform your business’s operational landscape.

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