Keeping Your Restaurant Thriving Year-Round: A Guide to Wintering Your Business Without Closing Your Doors

Keeping Your Restaurant Thriving Year-Round: A Guide to Wintering Your Business Without Closing Your Doors

Authored by Christopher Austin, President of Ardiah Managed Services

Greetings to fellow restaurateurs and business owners! Today, I want to explore a topic that’s near and dear to the hearts of many in the hospitality industry, especially those in towns and cities where tourism plays a significant role in generating revenue. For years, the prevailing mindset has been to capitalize on the tourist season and then shut down during the off-season. However, in the wake of COVID-19 and the economic challenges we face today, this traditional approach may no longer be viable. Let’s dive into why and how you can keep your restaurant thriving year-round without resorting to seasonal closures.

The Traditional Seasonal Model

In places where tourism is a primary revenue source, the traditional model has been to make the most money when tourists flock in and then close up shop during the off-season. This approach made sense in the past, but it’s increasingly less effective today.

The Post-COVID Reality

Since the onset of COVID-19, the labor landscape has shifted dramatically. Labor shortages have become a pressing issue, and businesses, especially restaurants and bars, have discovered that closing down and laying off staff during the off-season can backfire. When you shut your doors and let go of your valuable kitchen staff, they become fair game for competitors offering attractive employment opportunities.

The Risk of Losing Talent

Your talented kitchen staff, who have been with you through thick and thin, may receive offers they can’t refuse. Just like you, they can’t afford to go for three or four months without income. When they do seek employment elsewhere during the supposed “off season,” there’s a good chance they won’t return when you’re ready to reopen. The shortage of kitchen staff is a widespread challenge in the restaurant industry, and if you can’t retain them, you might find yourself without a team when it’s time to reopen.

Simplifying Your Off-Season Model

So, how do you retain your kitchen staff and keep revenue flowing during the off-season? One effective strategy is to simplify your off-season business model. While the impact of COVID has been undeniably negative in many aspects, it has also brought some positive changes. One of these is the surge in online ordering and food delivery services, which proved to be a lifeline for restaurants.

Leveraging Online Ordering and Delivery

You can leverage the continued consumer demand for their favorite dishes by offering online ordering and delivery services during the off-season. This keeps revenue coming in and keeps your kitchen staff engaged. Customers can place orders for takeout or use their favorite delivery service, such as DoorDash, to enjoy your food from the comfort of their homes.

The Right Infrastructure

To make this off-season strategy work, you need the right infrastructure in place. Investing in a Point of Sale (POS) system like SkyTab, which offers online ordering and integrates seamlessly with various delivery services, is key. SkyTab’s online ordering capabilities and user-friendly interface can help you cater to off-season customers’ demands efficiently.

Expanding Possibilities

If you own a resort or lodging business that supports a restaurant, imagine the possibilities of keeping your kitchen open and offering ordering from guest rooms. Integration between SkyTab and your Property Management System can make this a reality, enhancing the guest experience and increasing revenue.

Why We Chose SkyTab

At Ardiah Managed Services, we understand the importance of helping businesses stay open year-round while staying financially healthy. That’s why we chose SkyTab as our Restaurant and Bar POS. SkyTab empowers businesses to adapt their business plans and offer year-round service with ease.

Partnering for Success

Adapting your business plan to thrive year-round is possible with the right partner. Ardiah Managed Services can provide you with the SkyTab system and support you need to manage your new plan successfully. Together, we can help you keep your doors open and your revenue flowing, no matter the season.

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Don’t let your restaurant hibernate during the off-season. Embrace change, stay open, and flourish all year long!

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